Gocco printng… round two

I spent last night printing my second round at gocco. This design was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. The things I learnt this time round were:

1. It’s kinda hard to even out paint in large inked areas (like the squirrels body), I’ll be trying to include more patterned or lined areas next time.

2. I need to my designs a bit smaller… as Mr Squirrel’s tail got a little chopped off this time. I think I actually learnt this in round one… but I forgot.

3. Definitive white lines like those around this paws/leg need to be a little thicker – on some prints they were barely visable.

4. Gocco ink is ridiculously sticky and you need to be well resourced for cleaning your master screen after… have more than 2 pieces of paper towel ready.

Gocco round two

My first round at gocco printing was the kitty on a cloud below, this was freehand illustrated with a carbon pen

Gocco round one

Gocco round one