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Wrapped Little Love Boat brooch
Wrapped Little Love Boat brooch
Little Love Boat packaging
Little Love Boat packaging

So I’ve been selling casually on Etsy for around 18 months now. I say casually, as in, I’m a bit of a floating experimenting artists, I work a full time job so I don’t put all my everything into my Etsy store, it’s pretty much just one of  my bajillion creative hobbies. Although it is nice that I can fund this particular hobby with a few sales along the way!

Anyhow… packaging, let’s talk packaging. I thought I’d share a few of the packaging tips which I’ve learnt along the way, these tips are more so rules for me to go by these days.

  1. Nice packaging. Since upgrading my packaging recently, I’ve felt much more confident about my products. I think it’s well worth the time and effort to make your packaging as nice as possible, if it increases the price of your products, so be it. Of course if you’re aiming for absolute budget line you might think differently on this one. 
  2. Think about the size and shape of your products when creating product packaging, it could mean the difference between having to charge 2 or 7 dollars for postage. 
  3. Postage packaging. Search around for the best postage packaging option for your products. I purchased my mailer boxes from e-Bay in bulk, they are a better size and price than the Australia Post boxes which I was using at the start of my adventures.
  4. If your product could be damaged by water, wrap it in plastic or put it in a plastic bag.
  5. Save packaging foam, bubble wrap etc. from parcels you receive in the mail, these things can be very useful in keeping your products safe on their travels.
  6. Nice little touches. I like to wrap lots of my products as if they were a present – just in tissue paper. I think it’s a nice touch. I only do this when I have the time though or if a customer tells me their purchase is a gift. Generally not around Christmas time when I have most of my sales.

Author: Amie

Amie is an illustrator and all round creative from Canberra, Australia. Writing about her adventures in illustration and her love for children's books.

3 thoughts on “Etsy packaging”

  1. All very good tips!
    I unfortunately fall into the $7 postage bracket. I’m rethinking what I make at present to see if I can find something popular that is smaller!
    I love making my products pretty with packaging and love receiving nice packaging. I keep your brooch on its card because its so cute!

  2. Hello, I love your blog and your products! I found you via Etsy. It’s nice to see what other Etsians are doing for their packaging! Thank you for sharing. I work in a similar way to you. I try to package nicely when I have time and mostly manage to keep my shipping (except for my boxed stationery sets) to less than 2cm thick so I can ship it as a large letter instead of a parcel!

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