Freshly printed singing kitty card

Freshly printed singing kitty card
Freshly printed singing kitty card

You’d probably be surprised to know that I haven’t owned a printer for years (unless you count my gocco printer)… me too actually! Anyway today I bought one, and I thought I’d celebrate and test it by printing a singing kitty card. I created this design a year or so ago with the intention to make gocco printed cards from it, I still want to do that and will get around to it eventually.

In the meantime owning a printer will mean I can quickly whip out emergency birthday cards etc… not that I ever need to do that of course *cough*.


Illustration Friday – Shiny

Illustration Friday - Shiny
Illustration Friday - Shiny

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is “shiny”. This coincides very well with my current hunt for a wedding ring! I’ve been doing research on rings and the cost of them… some are wow… quite expensive. I’m not limited to wedding “band” shopping either. My engagement ring, which I do totally love, is curved and wont sit flush against a wedding band and it’s also a teeny tiny bit big for my left hand but fits perfectly on my right. So pushing all traditions aside I’m going to move my engagement ring over to my right hand and pick a ring I like to wear as a single wedding ring on my left.

I’m pretty astonished at the price of diamonds… I’m really not one to have ever thought, noticed or cared about them and they cost a motza! I also question the ethical practices and process of diamond mining. I’ve been researching an alternative stone called moissanite, it has been found in meteor craters (so basically it’s from outer space… right… awesome!), and is apparently just as dense as diamond, however it seems less common (in stores etc that is). I have more research and deciding to do and I do want to select something that lasts forever and I might just end up picking diamond… but I’d like to think I’d made an informed decision if/when I do.

Is your engagement or wedding ring made using something something unusual or different… something other than diamond? I’d love to hear about it if it is!

Inspiration Thursday – One of a Kind canvases

Isabel the Astronaut painting
Isabel the Astronaut

I was pleasantly surprised when Joel came home with a surprise today. A beautiful heart touching painting attributed to our little Isabel. Of course again, it made me tear up a little. It will hang on the wall in our future nursery where one day Isabel’s little brother or sister can see it.

One of Kind – Unique handcrafted children’s canvases are created by Melbourne artist Felicity Hargreaves, you can see more of her paintings, including many commission works on the One of a Kind Facebook page and the One of a Kind Etsy page.

Fun designs with shapes & lines

Over the last month or so I’ve been working on quite a few “basic” designs which I’m planning on using for multiple projects such as wrapping paper and laser cut brooches.

Although these designs come across as smooth and basic, I have spent a lot of time in illustrator just playing with the shapes and lines to come up with balanced, cute and original designs.

Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the things I’ve come up with so far.

Basic designs
Boat, Nessy & Mr Cloud… just a few of the designs I've been working on

Singing cats illustration

A few moths back I saw some amazing ornamental ceramic cats own by my lovely friend Jess, they were so pretty they just stuck in my mind and popped up in my dreams, so I decided to do an illustration using their basic shape & style.

These kitties will be the basis of my next gocco print design, I would kind of like to spend more time on details and embellishments to make them better… but I would probably never get to a point that I would consider finished, so simple kitties they will stay.

Singing cats
Singing cats like to sing

Here is a photo of the ceramic cats mentioned above.

Ceramic cats
Inspiration - Jess' ceramic kitties

People inspiration – Julie West

I thought I’d take a quick moment to share with you artwork by my favourite gocco print artist (so far) Julie West. I love the lines in her illustration and the colour combination’s she uses.

She also does some great letter press work and vinyl toy design – two things I’d love to play with one day. You can see more of her work at the Julie West shop or the Julie West Flickr stream.

Pink ice cream people by Julie West
Pooping deer by Julie West
Pooping deer by Julie West

Gocco Ice-cream Squirrel

Today I worked on getting some more gocco prints done. I’m fairly happy with the results and glad I now have some more Moleskin notebooks with prints on them which might go in my one day to exist Etsy store… something I really should get onto.

Although I’m happy with the results there was no real creative achievement as I used an old design. I really should have tried something new like using 2 different coloured inks. Creative fail but on the positive side I think I improved my ability to clean the sticky gocco ink off of the master without ruining my house, furniture and clothes, and I have something to move forward from.

pre cut paper and notebook
Print run preparation - Preparing with pre cut paper and moleskin note books. Some varieties of paper work better than others… I am still testing grounds and working out the best stock for printing on.
Ink on master print
Inking the master - As you can see the master is stained green from the last ice-cream squirrel print run - this happens. it's pretty much impossible to clean a master to it's original state… luckily it doesn't effect the next round print quality at all.
Complete gocco prints
Complete gocco prints