Illustration Friday – Bounce

Illustration Friday - Bounce
Illustration Friday – Bounce

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is “bounce”.

Kitties are default in the begining of many of my drawings… today is no exception. This drawing was created using pen and paper, I then transfered it into a digital inking using my Wacom pen in Illustrator. I thought I’d have a play with Illustrator’s Live Paint feature too… something I’ve never really got around to before. Boy oh boy am I glad I started using it… so much much easier than the old school process I had been using for years!

Print & Pattern Inspiration

I ordered myself a little birthday present last week, both editions of Print & Pattern – books compiled by the creator of the blog of the same name (, and today they arrived – hooray!

These books contain pages and pages of loveliness and inspiration. I’m looking forward to getting a few hours to sit down with them and really soak in the colours, images and inspiration.

Print & Pattern - Editions 1 & 2
Print & Pattern – Editions 1 & 2
Print & Pattern
Print & Pattern
Print & Pattern
Print & Pattern

Feeling like a designer again

Folk girl
Folk girl

Recently a souvenir company in Slovakia found my work on Etsy and Flickr, they approached me to do some laser cut magnet designs for them. Timing of this event really couldn’t have been more perfect for me.

It seemed like a wonderful compliment that this company actually hunted me down in the first place. As a bonus they actually seem to like my work and don’t ask for a million changes on the designs I provide. Sadly they didn’t pay me enough so that I can now quit my day job, but they have done something wonderful… they have reminded me that I am a good designer with the ability to pretty much nail briefs for clients. They have given me the confidence to call myself a designer again – something which I’ve been desperately needing of late.

This folk girl is (part of) the third of five designs which I am creating for them.

Illustration Friday – Refresh

Illustration Friday - Refreshing
Illustration Friday – Refreshing

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is quite appropriate and timely considering I just changed domain name and rebranded my blog to run with my Little Love Boat business name.

While wondering what I could draw for this weeks theme, my mind actually had a little refreshing moment as I reminisced the European holiday Joel and I went on last September. I remember that in Italy it was hot, and that I would eat gelati at least twice a day, not only was it refreshing but wonderfully delicious! At that point I was drawing and rating every flavour of gelati I could… you could say that I was somewhat obsessed.

Below is a snapshot of a page from my holiday drawing diary.

Drawing diary - a day in Rome
Drawing diary – a day in Rome

Freshly printed singing kitty card

Freshly printed singing kitty card
Freshly printed singing kitty card

You’d probably be surprised to know that I haven’t owned a printer for years (unless you count my gocco printer)… me too actually! Anyway today I bought one, and I thought I’d celebrate and test it by printing a singing kitty card. I created this design a year or so ago with the intention to make gocco printed cards from it, I still want to do that and will get around to it eventually.

In the meantime owning a printer will mean I can quickly whip out emergency birthday cards etc… not that I ever need to do that of course *cough*.


Illustration Friday – Shiny

Illustration Friday - Shiny
Illustration Friday - Shiny

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is “shiny”. This coincides very well with my current hunt for a wedding ring! I’ve been doing research on rings and the cost of them… some are wow… quite expensive. I’m not limited to wedding “band” shopping either. My engagement ring, which I do totally love, is curved and wont sit flush against a wedding band and it’s also a teeny tiny bit big for my left hand but fits perfectly on my right. So pushing all traditions aside I’m going to move my engagement ring over to my right hand and pick a ring I like to wear as a single wedding ring on my left.

I’m pretty astonished at the price of diamonds… I’m really not one to have ever thought, noticed or cared about them and they cost a motza! I also question the ethical practices and process of diamond mining. I’ve been researching an alternative stone called moissanite, it has been found in meteor craters (so basically it’s from outer space… right… awesome!), and is apparently just as dense as diamond, however it seems less common (in stores etc that is). I have more research and deciding to do and I do want to select something that lasts forever and I might just end up picking diamond… but I’d like to think I’d made an informed decision if/when I do.

Is your engagement or wedding ring made using something something unusual or different… something other than diamond? I’d love to hear about it if it is!

Inspiration Thursday – One of a Kind canvases

Isabel the Astronaut painting
Isabel the Astronaut

I was pleasantly surprised when Joel came home with a surprise today. A beautiful heart touching painting attributed to our little Isabel. Of course again, it made me tear up a little. It will hang on the wall in our future nursery where one day Isabel’s little brother or sister can see it.

One of Kind – Unique handcrafted children’s canvases are created by Melbourne artist Felicity Hargreaves, you can see more of her paintings, including many commission works on the One of a Kind Facebook page and the One of a Kind Etsy page.