Illustration inspiration – Marianne Dubuc

One of my all time favourite books is ‘The Lion and the Bird’ by Marianne Dubuc. I was firstly intrigued by the gorgeous illustrations which then blossomed into total love as I read the story.

My illustration for week 4 of the 52 Week Illustration Challenge (2017) was an attempt to copy the style and characters. I’m pretty happy with the results but even happier with the experimentation and use of mixed materials – adding pen and coloured pencil to my usual watercolour and lead pencil mix was fun, and I feel I’ll be more open to using more materials from now on.

An ode to the Lion and the Bird by Marianne Debuc
An ode to the Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc

Children’s book weekly picks

Selections from our first local library visit
Selections from our first local library visit

Last week, Little Miss 1 and I joined our local library. It’s a small library with a decent sized children’s book area, and it even loans toys.

Our first visit picks include Noni the Pony, Where’s Boo?, Caveman ABC Story, Night Night, ‘Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat’ and the Tiny Touch Tablet toy.

Noni the Pony by Alison Lester is our (my) favourite by far and I’m certainly putting it on my wish list to own. It’s a gorgeous little story about Noni the Pony who has many qualities which would undoubtably win the hearts of children and adults everywhere. It also rhymes beautifully… I could almost sing it (I might have sang it). I’m also totally in love with Alison Lester’s illustration work, I’ll be investigating more of her work and it will be inspiring my own illustration.

Being that I’m very excited about Children’s Books at the moment, I’ve decided that I’ll use this blog to review books and take notes on the illustration in them etc. Although this is really for my own research and recording purposes, I hope it a a helpful resources for others out there.