Babushka love

So I’ve had a few of my brooch designs sitting around unpainted… such as these babushkas, sometimes I just can’t decided how I want to paint or complete a design so I just let it sit until it comes to me.

I’m pretty happy with the colours I selected, they’ve stayed simple and bold… but not too bold. Anyway, I had a lovely few hours painting them today… painting is some kind of magical therapy to me at the moment… I better be careful or everything I own will be painted before I know it!

I’ll be adding these little ladies to the Little Love Boat Etsy store tomorrow.

Babushka love - new Little Love Boat brooch design
Babushka love - new Little Love Boat brooch design

Author: Amie

Amie is an illustrator and all round creative from Canberra, Australia. Writing about her adventures in illustration and her love for children's books.

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