Handmade cards for friends

Today I created 2 cards for friends who have recently had baby girls. As per most of the cards I give to family and friends I have quickly whipped these up with thanks to Google image search, empty cereal boxes, a glue stick and a corner cutter.

A nice cheap, quick, resourceful and personal option for cards for family and friends.

Of course you should keep in mind that these cards use designs created by other people so you should only use them for personal use, like giving to friends – not selling as handmade goods.

Welcome to your baby girl - Vintage style card
Welcome to your baby girl - Handmade vintage style card

Inspiration Thursday

Today I worked a short day, visited my Naturopath and went to the Marche Rouge Christmas shopping event at the Nicholas Building (Swanston St, Melbourne) with a crafty friend where I drooled over hand crafted goods, vintage buttons etc. I also experienced a “biscuit reading” (apparently I’m a Tim Tam) while there and brought some gorgeous ribbon… and some cute apple buttons.

Peppermint magazine & pretty things for crafting… or maybe just keeping.

I also sold a Pirate Bunny in my Etsy store and arrived home to find the new Peppermint magazine waiting for me in my mailbox. A simple but inspiring day.

For more info about the Marche Rouge Christmas shopping event visit the l’uccello blogspot.

Pirate Bunny brooch
Pirate Bunny brooch

Clever Rabbit – new brooch design

I put a new brooch into the Aimzsta Etsy shop yesterday, his name is Clever Rabbit, he’s one of the characters from my Happy Glasses Friends set of button badges which I created a while back. Clever Rabbit brooch has hand painted red glasses for extra cute-ness!

Clever Rabbit Brooch
Clever Rabbit Brooch
Happy Glasses Friends - Button badge set
Happy Glasses Friends - Button badge set

Etsy store up and running

The Aimzsta Etsy store is now open. I have some new cute brooches such as Little loch ness moster, Little dinosaur and the Little love boat and I have some more on their way!

I’m proud to say I finally have my Etsy store back in action. I have a few new laser cut brooch designs in stock and a few more on their way. To be honest I’m doing a little testing at the moment and trying to get a feel for this whole Etsy store thing. I hope to produce a few solid lines of different products in the near future and then do a proper Etsy store launch with a new business name etc. In the meantime I’ll just keep making things… and putting them in my current store and see how things go.

Here are few of my new products which I put in the store today… hoping to get a few more up in the next couple of weeks. I’m very happy with the simplicity of these 3 designs and my first attempt at painting some of these brooches.

Little love boat - laser cut bamboo brooch
Little love boat - laser cut bamboo brooch
Little loch ness monster - laser cut bamboo brooch
Little loch ness monster - laser cut bamboo brooch
Little dinosaur - laser cut bamboo brooch
Little dinosaur - laser cut bamboo brooch

Fun designs with shapes & lines

Over the last month or so I’ve been working on quite a few “basic” designs which I’m planning on using for multiple projects such as wrapping paper and laser cut brooches.

Although these designs come across as smooth and basic, I have spent a lot of time in illustrator just playing with the shapes and lines to come up with balanced, cute and original designs.

Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the things I’ve come up with so far.

Basic designs
Boat, Nessy & Mr Cloud… just a few of the designs I've been working on

Singing cats illustration

A few moths back I saw some amazing ornamental ceramic cats own by my lovely friend Jess, they were so pretty they just stuck in my mind and popped up in my dreams, so I decided to do an illustration using their basic shape & style.

These kitties will be the basis of my next gocco print design, I would kind of like to spend more time on details and embellishments to make them better… but I would probably never get to a point that I would consider finished, so simple kitties they will stay.

Singing cats
Singing cats like to sing

Here is a photo of the ceramic cats mentioned above.

Ceramic cats
Inspiration - Jess' ceramic kitties

People inspiration – Julie West

I thought I’d take a quick moment to share with you artwork by my favourite gocco print artist (so far) Julie West. I love the lines in her illustration and the colour combination’s she uses.

She also does some great letter press work and vinyl toy design – two things I’d love to play with one day. You can see more of her work at the Julie West shop or the Julie West Flickr stream.

Pink ice cream people by Julie West
Pooping deer by Julie West
Pooping deer by Julie West